UQAM Security Console

With Douglas Ball Inc. For Université du Québec à Montréal

Douglas Ball Inc. was contracted by UQAM The Université du Québec a Montréal in 1995 to design and build a ‘Security Console’ which was to be installed in their newly renovated Pavillon Hubert/Aquin.

This workstation was designed to be used by two security personnel on a 24 hour basis. Their responsibilities demand a high level of concentration while monitoring fourteen surveillance video screens, performing telephone dispatch and fire prevention services. It was necessary to provide the user with a proper anthropometric surrounding, which would accommodate a range of people from 5′-3″ to 6′-3″. A high level of maintenance and upgrading is to be performed on a regular basis to the security console hardware and software. It was necessary to design a very flexible and accessible station where technicians could access computers while not disturbing security personnel. Complete working drawings were submitted of the design proposal for fabrication tender. Being a unique team of designers who are very comfortable building models and prototypes, we also submitted a quotation to build the unit. After all submissions were reviewed we won the fabrication and installation contract. The entire fixture was build in modules in our model shop, transported and installed in a rectangular 420 square foot room. All components had to fit through an access door 36 inches wide.